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Название, авторГодОтрасль
359  A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science, David Reed  2004 СМИ, ИТ
4470  A Basic Course in Applied Mathematics, J. Bystrom, L. Persson, F. Stromberg   2010 Образование, наука
3874  A Basic Course in the Theory of Interest and Derivatives Markets, Marcel B. Finan  2011 Финансы, банки
3401  A Basic Guide to Exporting,   2009 Финансы, банки
3508  A Basic Introduction to Large Deviations: Theory, Applications, Simulations, Hugo Touchette   2011 Образование, наука
4746  A Beginner's Guide to Investing: How to Grow Your Money the Smart and Easy Way, Alex Frey   2011 Приватизация, инвестиции
4522  A Beginner's Guide to Supergravity, Ulrich Theis   2006 Образование, наука
2121  A Beginners C++, Neil Gray   1996 СМИ, ИТ
5169  A Beginners Guide to HTML and CSS, Shay Howe  2011 СМИ, ИТ
985  A Book of Remarkable Criminals, Henry Brodribb Irving  2009 Армия, полиция
1567  A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, I. A. Ibrahim  1999 Внешэкономсвязи, политика
567  A brief introduction of quantum cryptography for engineers, Bing Qi, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo  2010 СМИ, ИТ
963  A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry, C. David Sherrill  2001 Химпром
5541  A Briefer History of Time: From the Big Bang to the Big Mac, Eric Schulman   2004 СМИ, ИТ
2328  A Byte of Python (for Python 3.0), Swaroop C H   2008 СМИ, ИТ
2626  A Century of Mathematics in America, Peter Duren, Richard A. Askey   1988 Образование, наука
125  A Century of War, John V. Denson  2006 Внешэкономсвязи, политика
1158  A Cognitive-behavioral approach: Treating cocaine addiction, Kathleen Carroll  2000 Химпром
281  A College Student's Guide to Computers in Education, David Moursund  2007 СМИ, ИТ
5111  A Companion for Mathematical Statistics, James E. Gentle  2012 Образование, наука
304  A Companion to Digital Humanities, Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, John Unsworth  2004 СМИ, ИТ
1970  A Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD,   1997 СМИ, ИТ
1768  A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra, Victor Shoup  2005 Образование, наука
2122  A Computer Science Tapestry: Exploring Computer Science with C++, Owen L. Astrachan  1999 СМИ, ИТ
1950  A Concise Course in Algebraic Topology, J. P. May  1999 Образование, наука
2883  A Concise Introduction to Logic, Patrick J. Hurley   2003 Образование, наука
3610  A Concise New Zealand History,   2010 Внешэкономсвязи, политика
1466  A Country I Do Not Recognize: The Legal Assault On American Values, Robert H. Bork   2005 Внешэкономсвязи, политика
2900  A Course In Algebraic Number Theory, Robert B. Ash   2003 Образование, наука
2752  A Course In Commutative Algebra, Robert B. Ash  2006 Образование, наука
3008  A Course in Graduate Electrodynamics, Mark Jarrell  2000 Образование, наука
1233  A Course in H-infinity Control Theory, Bruce A. Francis  1987 Образование, наука
3960  A Course in Riemannian Geometry, David R. Wilkins   2005 Образование, наука
3245  A Course in Solid State Physics, Mark Jarrell   2001 Образование, наука
2753  A Course in Universal Algebra, S. Burris, H.P. Sankappanavar   1982 Образование, наука
2635  A Course of Modern Analysis, E. T. Whittaker, G. N. Watson   1927 Образование, наука
3507  A Course of Pure Geometry: Properties of the Conic Sections, E.H. Askwith   1917 СМИ, ИТ
2636  A Course of Pure Mathematics, G. H. Hardy   1908 Образование, наука
4184  A Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics, Jeff Zilahy   2010 Образование, наука
4218  A Cynic Looks at Life, Ambrose Bierce   2005 Внешэкономсвязи, политика
2723  A defense of Columbo: A multilevel introduction to probabilistic reasoning, G. D'Agostini   2010 Образование, наука
3767  A Discussion of Financial Economics in Actuarial Models, Marcel B. Finan   2010 Приватизация, инвестиции
15  A Fable of Modern Art, Dore Ashton  1991 СМИ, ИТ
1987  A Field Guide to Genetic Programming, R. Poli, W. B. Langdon, N. F. McPhee   2008 СМИ, ИТ
2538  A First Book in Algebra, Wallace C. Boyden   2004 Образование, наука
2637  A First Course in Complex Analysis, Matthias Beck, Gerald Marchesi, Dennis Pixton   2007 Образование, наука
2645  A First Course in Complex Analysis, George Cain   2001 Образование, наука
4440  A First Course in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louis Scharf   2008 Электроэнергетика
4057  A First Course in Elementary Differential Equations, Marcel B. Finan   2006 Образование, наука
5015  A First Course in Fluid Mechanics for Engineers, Buddhi N. Hewakandamby  2012 Судостроение, машиностроение
2847  A First Course in Linear Algebra, Robert A. Beezer   2008 Образование, наука
4099  A First Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School Teachers, Marcel B. Finan   2006 Образование, наука
1951  A First Course in Topology: Continuity and Dimension, John McCleary  2006 Образование, наука
3788  A First Course of Partial Differential Equations in Physical Sciences and Engineering, Marcel B. Finan  2009 Образование, наука
3885  A First Course on Time Series Analysis with SAS, Michael Falk at al.   2011 Образование, наука
3632  A Framework for Enabling Distributed Applications on the Internet, Mark Anthony McLaughlin   2006 СМИ, ИТ
360  A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design, Thomas Kühne  2000 СМИ, ИТ
3892  A Gay Humanist Manifesto, Alan Keslian   2011 СМИ, ИТ
5476  A General Sketch of the European War, Hilaire Belloc   1915 Внешэкономсвязи, политика
2811  A Gentle Introduction to Category Theory: the calculational approach, Maarten M. Fokkinga   1994 Образование, наука